About us

Adorn Your Home with solar

We, SMS Solar Energy in solar industry are leading in the business of renewable power generation, Installation, Commissioning, consultancy and distribution of renewable power generating products and lighting systems. We strive to be a partner for sustainable change. We endeavor to do so by providing innovative products and services that harness the renewable resources and provide our customers with superior quality. We also strive to leverage our technical experience and industry know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy efficient PV solar plants in the industry.

  1. 6+ Years Experience in solar industry with key players companies of the industry
  2. Executed projects from Stand alone off grid systems to Industrial & Commercials Projects
  3. 20+ strong highly qualified Installation Team
  4. Commissioned 10 no’s Off grid Home Lightning systems, 20 no’s Solar street lighting systems, 5 Solar Water pumping systems, 450 kWp Rooftop projects.

Pros of Solar


One of the most astounding features of Solar-based appliances is that they last longer than the conventional devices which we use in our day-to-day life. SMS Solar produces such appliances which can easily hold out against the time for a very long period of time.

Saving and Gaining

True, consumers can gain and save money by using the services rendered by SMS Solar as consumers will utilizes their own produced energy which will cost-effective as well as needs no amount of investment for sustainability.

Give Back Your Investment

Usage of SMS Solar appliances is a way to get monetary assistance as a small fraction of investment will give you an immense satisfaction and will not require any further investment or maintenance for a great deal of time.

Monetary Assistance and Relief in Taxation

Observing the need of solar-energy and its demand, government offers subsidy as well benefits to tax payers if they utilize solar-energy instead of conventional energy.


SMS Solar guarantees delivered board of Solar Panel will remain intact and will generate the same amount of energy for ages.

Cordial to Atmosphere

The energy which we get from the Sun is the best form of green energy as it is intact and never causes damage of any sort.